About the Book


Vietnam Veteran and American Indian- Barry Redcrow's
destiny leads him to a job in an isolated psychiatric hospital where evil lurks. While there, he is forced to confront a childhood vision, and simultaneously battle nightmares of combat. 

He is met with guidance and assistance from unusual sources: Police Chaplain Sgt. Foley, psychiatric patient Jessica and her gift of"sight", custodian Gus, Redcrow's deceased grandfather, and natureitself. 

A disgruntled spirit wreaks horror by traveling through
the tunnels and drainage system of the massive insane asylum. His birth is a result of the murdering of his father, a police officer, and making it look like a suicide. Then, carefully planning his own death in order to be resurrected into the dark world of the occult.

The demon also summons' help from some unusual sources, within the hospital itself. Constant nightmares occur during the hours in which the darkness of night battles early light; the only hours the demon is permitted to do his work, and Redcrow and Foley begin to mourn its every arrival.